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Please check the FAQ to see if your question has been already answered. If needed you can contact us & we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible, but just so you know we're a small team so please be nice.

Can I download the to my computer?

Unfortunately, no. We do not provide functionality to download our website or the Quran to your computer yet. You can, however install our mobile app for offline reading.

Can I browse site in other languages?

To change your preferred language, there is a drop down on the top right corner on each page (top left corner on right-to-left languages). Use this dropdown to choose your preferred language.

I found a translation bug, where do I file it?

Please report this bug here and we will fix this bug ASAP inshAllah.

The site is not working, how do I tell you?

That's not good! If the site is not working at all or perhaps you see a white screen with text 'Sorry, something went wrong', we appreciate it if you can report it here .

I'm a developer. How can I contribute?

Please see developers page for more info.

Islamic/ Fiqh / Fatwa related questions is an online reading, listening and studying tool. The team behind is made up of software engineers, designers, and product managers. Unfortunately, that is the limitation of our skill set we do not have scholars, imams or sheikhs as part of the team to assist with Islamic, Fiqh or Fatwa related questions. We try to refrain from answering any of those questions and advise you speak to your local imam at a mosque or to a sheikh.

Is Tafsir available?

Yes, we do have some Tafsirs. Click on icon shown beside each ayah, then click on tafisrs. App will show you list of available tafsirs. Click on the tafsir you want to read.

Add another translations

Open a new issue here with all the detail, link to translation and we'll try our best to add this.

Adding more reciters

Submit more info about this reciter here

Does have mobile app?

Yes! Please visit our mobile apps page for more info.

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