Ramadan Activities

As we welcome the month of Ramadan, were excited to present programs and features to help you on your journey with the Quran. These resources are aimed at enriching and deepening your connection with the words of Allah in Ramadan and beyond.

Browse the list and select the programs and features that align best with your goals and needs:

Mindful Fasting📿

A QuranReflect interactive Program with Shaykh Hammad Fahim.
“Mindful Fasting” will explore how fasting purifies the soul, disciplines the mind, and awakens the heart, offering a transformative experience that deepens our relationship with Allah. This program is a gateway to a profound journey of faith and reflection.

Ayah Lookup Challenge 🔎

with Dr Mohannad Hakeem
Are you seeking to enhance your connection with the Quran while being challenged to delve deeper and search for answers? If so, consider exploring a fresh approach that can help you deepen your relationship with the Quran.

MAS Ramadan Quiz Trivia (live) 🎙️

A daily 10-minute live trivia quiz featuring 10 quick questions from the Quran. Participants will also be assigned one Quran verse a week to reflect upon. See below for details on prizes!

Learning Plans on Quran.com 📖

Boost your knowledge with easy-to-follow lessons that keep you growing in your journey with the Quran. Your progress is tracked until you reach the finish line. Start a Learning Plan today!

Keep a 30 day Quran reading streak and create a custom goal with Quran Growth Journey! 🏅

Can you keep a 30 day Quran reading streak This Ramadan? Simply Log-in to Quran.com and begin reading to start your Streak! You can also create a custom goal that will help you stay on track:

Invite people to learn about the Quran this Ramadan 💌

Help someone who has never read the Quran learn more and begin their Quran journey! Share our About The Quran page designed to help newcomers ease into their Quran reading experience. View sample invitation:

Reflecting In Crisis ❤️‍🩹

Join the QuranReflect community for an on-going reflection theme dedicated to reflecting upon the Quran during these difficult times of crisis. Read and interact with over 60 Personal reflections shared by our community members and share your own. #ReflectingInCrisis

Inspiring Ramadan Reading 🌞

Explore a collection of inspirational Ramadan reflections from the QuranReflect Community curated to help you connect more deeply with the Quran.
We hope these activities enrich your Ramadan, deepening your connection with the Quran. Share this list of activities with anyone who may benefit.

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