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February 11, 2023

Simplifying Word by Word and Audio Settings

Are you one of the ~82M users that clicks or taps a word to listen to its enunciation? Probably.

We’re consolidating that feature under the broader ‘Word by Word’ setting, allowing you to customize how you read and listen to the individual words of the Quran in one place.
In addition, the ‘Audio’ setting is moving exclusively to the Audio Player menu, which includes the following sub-options:
  • Playback Speed
  • Select Reciter
  • Download Audio File
  • Repeat Settings (new, moved from the Audio Player control bar)
  • Experience (new, contains ‘Auto-Scroll’ and ‘Word by word tooltip’)
  • Our intention, as always, is to help you increase your time with the Quran. Let us know how we’re doing on https://feedback.quran.com/!

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