And I do not seek to free myself from blame, for indeed the soul is ever inclined to evil, except those shown mercy by my Lord. Surely my Lord is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”
The King said, “Bring him to me. I will employ him exclusively in my service.” And when Joseph spoke to him, the King said, “Today you are highly esteemed and fully trusted by us.”
Joseph proposed, “Put me in charge of the store-houses of the land, for I am truly reliable and adept.”
This is how We established Joseph in the land to settle wherever he pleased. We shower Our mercy on whoever We will, and We never discount the reward of the good-doers.
And the reward of the Hereafter is far better for those who are faithful and are mindful ˹of Allah˺.
And Joseph’s brothers came and entered his presence. He recognized them but they were unaware of who he really was.
When he had provided them with their supplies, he demanded, “Bring me your brother on your father’s side.1 Do you not see that I give full measure and I am the best of hosts?
But if you do not bring him to me ˹next time˺, I will have no grain for you, nor will you ever come close to me again.”
They promised, “We will try to convince his father to let him come. We will certainly do ˹our best˺.”
Joseph ordered his servants to put his brothers’ money back into their saddlebags so that they would find it when they returned to their family and perhaps they would come back.
When Joseph’s brothers returned to their father, they pleaded, “O our father! We have been denied ˹further˺ supplies. So send our brother with us so that we may receive our measure, and we will definitely watch over him.”
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