And do not come near the wealth of the orphan—unless intending to enhance it—until they attain maturity. Give full measure and weigh with justice. We never require of any soul more than what it can afford. Whenever you speak,1 maintain justice—even regarding a close relative. And fulfil your covenant with Allah. This is what He has commanded you, so perhaps you will be mindful.
Indeed, that is My Path—perfectly straight. So follow it and do not follow other ways, for they will lead you away from His Way. This is what He has commanded you, so perhaps you will be conscious ˹of Allah˺.”
Additionally, We gave Moses the Scripture, completing the favour upon those who do good, detailing everything, and as a guide and a mercy, so perhaps they would be certain of the meeting with their Lord.
This is a blessed Book We have revealed. So follow it and be mindful ˹of Allah˺, so you may be shown mercy.
You ˹pagans˺ can no longer say, “Scriptures were only revealed to two groups before us and we were unaware of their teachings.”
Nor can you say, “If only the Scriptures had been revealed to us, we would have been better guided than they.” Now there has come to you from your Lord a clear proof1—a guide and mercy. Who then does more wrong than those who deny Allah’s revelations and turn away from them? We will reward those who turn away from Our revelations with a dreadful punishment for turning away.
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