O Prophet! Struggle against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be firm with them. Hell will be their home. What an evil destination!
They swear by Allah that they never said anything ˹blasphemous˺, while they did in fact utter a blasphemy, lost faith after accepting Islam, and plotted what they could not carry out.1 It is only through resentment that they pay Allah and His Messenger back for enriching them out of His bounty! If they repent, it will be better for them. But if they turn away, Allah will torment them with a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter, and they will have no one on earth to protect or help them.
And there are some who had made a vow to Allah: “If He gives us from His bounty, we will surely spend in charity and be of the righteous.”
But when He gave them out of His bounty, they withheld it and turned away indifferently.
So He caused hypocrisy to plague their hearts until the Day they will meet Him, for breaking their promise to Allah and for their lies.
Do they not know that Allah ˹fully˺ knows their ˹evil˺ thoughts and secret talks, and that Allah is the Knower of all unseen?
˹There are˺ those who slander ˹some of˺ the believers for donating liberally and mock others for giving only the little they can afford. Allah will throw their mockery back at them, and they will suffer a painful punishment.
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