Let them live where you live ˹during their waiting period˺, according to your means. And do not harass them to make their stay unbearable. If they are pregnant, then maintain them until they deliver. And if they nurse your child,1 compensate them, and consult together courteously. But if you fail to reach an agreement, then another woman will nurse ˹the child˺ for the father.
Let the man of wealth provide according to his means. As for the one with limited resources, let him provide according to whatever Allah has given him. Allah does not require of any soul beyond what He has given it. After hardship, Allah will bring about ease.
˹Imagine˺ how many societies rebelled against the commandments of their Lord and His messengers, so We called each ˹society˺ to a severe account and subjected them to a horrible punishment.
So they tasted the evil consequences of their doings, and the outcome of their doings was ˹total˺ loss.
Allah has ˹also˺ prepared for them a severe punishment. So fear Allah, O  people of reason and faith. Allah has indeed revealed to you a Reminder,1
˹and sent˺ a messenger reciting to you Allah’s revelations, making things clear so that He may bring those who believe and do good out of darkness and into light. And whoever believes in Allah and does good will be admitted by Him into Gardens under which rivers flow, to stay there for ever and ever. Allah will have indeed granted them an excellent provision.
Allah is the One Who created seven heavens ˹in layers˺, and likewise for the earth. The ˹divine˺ command descends between them so you may know that Allah is Most Capable of everything and that Allah certainly encompasses all things in ˹His˺ knowledge.
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