Indeed, We granted knowledge to David and Solomon. And they said ˹in acknowledgment˺, “All praise is for Allah Who has privileged us over many of His faithful servants.”1
And David was succeeded by Solomon, who said, “O people! We have been taught the language of birds, and been given everything ˹we need˺. This is indeed a great privilege.”
Solomon’s forces of jinn, humans, and birds were rallied for him, perfectly organized.
And when they came across a valley of ants, an ant warned, “O ants! Go quickly into your homes so Solomon and his armies do not crush you, unknowingly.”
So Solomon smiled in amusement at her words, and prayed, “My Lord! Inspire me to ˹always˺ be thankful for Your favours which You have blessed me and my parents with, and to do good deeds that please you. Admit me, by Your mercy, into ˹the company of˺ Your righteous servants.”
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