˹We sent them˺ with clear proofs and divine Books. And We have sent down to you ˹O Prophet˺ the Reminder, so that you may explain to people what has been revealed for them, and perhaps they will reflect.
Do those who devise evil plots feel secure that Allah will not cause the earth to swallow them? Or that the torment will not come upon them in ways they cannot comprehend?
Or that He will not seize them while they go about ˹their day˺, for then they will have no escape?
Or that He will not destroy them gradually? But your Lord is truly Ever Gracious, Most Merciful.
Have they not considered how the shadows of everything Allah has created incline to the right and the left ˹as the sun moves˺, totally submitting to Allah in all humility?
And to Allah ˹alone˺ bows down ˹in submission˺1 whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth of living creatures, as do the angels—who are not too proud ˹to do so˺.
They1 fear their Lord above them, and do whatever they are commanded.
And Allah has said, “Do not take two gods. There is only One God. So be in awe of Me ˹alone˺.”
To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth, and to Him ˹alone˺ is the everlasting devotion. Will you then fear any other than Allah?
Whatever blessings you have are from Allah. Then whenever hardship touches you, to Him ˹alone˺ you cry ˹for help˺.
Then as soon as He removes the hardship from you, a group of you associates ˹others˺ with their Lord ˹in worship˺,
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