With it We produce for you gardens of palm trees and grapevines, in which there are abundant fruits, and from which you may eat,
as well as ˹olive˺ trees which grow at Mount Sinai, providing oil and a condiment to eat.
And there is certainly a lesson for you in cattle, from whose bellies We give you ˹milk˺ to drink, and in them are many other benefits for you, and from them you may eat.
And you are carried upon ˹some of˺ them and upon ships.
Indeed, We sent Noah to his people. He declared, “O my people! Worship Allah ˹alone˺. You have no god other than Him. Will you not then fear ˹Him˺?”
But the disbelieving chiefs of his people said ˹to the masses˺, “This is only a human like you, who wants to be superior to you. Had Allah willed, He could have easily sent down angels ˹instead˺. We have never heard of this in ˹the history of˺ our forefathers.
He is simply insane, so bear with him for a while.”1 
Noah prayed, “My Lord! Help me, because they have denied ˹me˺.”
So We inspired him: “Build the Ark under Our ˹watchful˺ Eyes and directions. Then when Our command comes and the oven bursts ˹with water˺,1 take on board a pair from every species along with your family—except those against whom the decree ˹to drown˺ has already been passed. And do not plead with Me for those who have done wrong, for they will surely be drowned.”
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