˹Beware of˺ the Day We will blow the mountains away, and you will see the earth laid bare. And We will gather all ˹humankind˺, leaving none behind.
They will be presented before your Lord in rows, ˹and the deniers will be told,˺ “You have surely returned to Us ˹all alone˺ as We created you the first time, although you ˹always˺ claimed that We would never appoint a time for your return.”
And the record ˹of deeds˺ will be laid ˹open˺, and you will see the wicked in fear of what is ˹written˺ in it. They will cry, “Woe to us! What kind of record is this that does not leave any sin, small or large, unlisted?” They will find whatever they did present ˹before them˺. And your Lord will never wrong anyone.
And ˹remember˺ when We said to the angels, “Prostrate before Adam,” so they all did—but not Iblîs,1 who was one of the jinn, but he rebelled against the command of his Lord. Would you then take him and his descendants as patrons instead of Me, although they are your enemy? What an evil alternative for the wrongdoers ˹to choose˺!
I never called them to witness the creation of the heavens and the earth or ˹even˺ their own creation, nor would I take the misleaders as helpers.
And ˹beware of˺ the Day He will say, “Call upon those you claimed were My associate-gods.” So they will call them, but will receive no response. And We will make them ˹all˺ share in the same doom.
The wicked will see the Fire and realize that they are bound to fall into it, and will find no way to avoid it.
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