Indeed, We have dignified the children of Adam, carried them on land and sea, granted them good and lawful provisions, and privileged them far above many of Our creatures.
˹Beware of˺ the Day We will summon every people with their leader.1 So whoever will be given their record in their right hand will read it ˹happily˺ and will not be wronged ˹even by the width of˺ the thread of a date stone.
But whoever is blind ˹to the truth˺ in this ˹world˺ will be blind in the Hereafter, and ˹even˺ far more astray from the ˹Right˺ Way.
They definitely ˹thought they˺ were about to lure you away from what We have revealed to you ˹O Prophet˺, hoping that you would attribute something else to Us falsely—and then they would have certainly taken you as a close friend.1
Had We not made you steadfast, you probably would have inclined to them a little,
and then We truly would have made you taste double ˹punishment˺ both in this life and after death, and you would have found no helper against Us.
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