Those mindful ˹of Allah˺ will not be accountable for those ˹who ridicule it˺ whatsoever—their duty is to advise, so perhaps the ridiculers will abstain.
And leave those who take this1 faith ˹of Islam˺ as mere play and amusement and are deluded by ˹their˺ worldly life. Yet remind them by this ˹Quran˺, so no one should be ruined for their misdeeds. They will have no protector or intercessor other than Allah. Even if they were to offer every ˹possible˺ ransom, none will be accepted from them. Those are the ones who will be ruined for their misdeeds. They will have a boiling drink and painful punishment for their disbelief.
Ask ˹them, O  Prophet˺, “Should we invoke, other than Allah, those ˹idols˺ which cannot benefit or harm us, and turn back to disbelief after Allah has guided us? ˹If we do so, we will be˺ like those disoriented by devils in the wilderness, while their companions call them to guidance, ˹saying˺, ‘Come to us!’ Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “Allah’s guidance is the ˹only˺ true guidance. And we are commanded to submit to the Lord of all worlds,
establish prayer, and be mindful of Him. To Him you will all be gathered together.
He is the One Who created the heavens and the earth in truth. On the Day ˹of Judgment˺ He will say, ‘Be!’ And there will be! His command is truth. All authority is His ˹alone˺1 on the Day the Trumpet will be blown.2 He is the Knower of all—seen or unseen. And He is the All-Wise, All-Aware.”
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