Allah has prepared for them a severe punishment. Evil indeed is what they do.
They have made their ˹false˺ oaths as a shield, hindering ˹others˺ from the cause of Allah. So they will suffer a humiliating punishment.
Neither their wealth nor children will be of any help to them against Allah whatsoever. It is they who will be the residents of the Fire. They will be there forever.
On the Day Allah resurrects them all, they will ˹falsely˺ swear to Him as they swear to you, thinking they have something to stand on. Indeed, it is they who are the ˹total˺ liars.
Satan has taken hold of them, causing them to forget the remembrance of Allah. They are the party of Satan. Surely Satan’s party is bound to lose.
˹As for˺ those who defy Allah and His Messenger, they will definitely be among the most debased.
Allah has decreed, “I and My messengers will certainly prevail.” Surely Allah is All-Powerful, Almighty.
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