Special Characteristic of Surah Al-Waqi` ah: Sayyidna ` Abdullh Ibn Masuad's ؓ Didactic Story on his Deathbed

Ibn Kathir cites a story on the authority of Ibn ` Asakir from Abu Zabyah that when Sayyidna ` Abdullah Ibn Masud ؓ was lying on his deathbed, Sayyidna ` Uthman ؓ paid him a visit and the following conversation ensued.

` Uthman: ؓ : مَا تَشتَکِی ؟ "What are you suffering from?"

Ibn Masud ؓ ! ذُنُوبِی ” from my sins."

` Uthman ؓ : مَا تَشتَھِی ؟ "Do you desire anything?"

Ibn Masud ؓ رَحمَۃَ رَبِّی :"Yes, Allah's mercy."

` Uthman : ؓ : اَلَاَ آمُرُلَکَ بِطَیَّبِ ؟ "Shall I call a doctor for you?"

Ibn Masud ؓ ! اَطَّبِیبُ اَمرَضَنِی "It is the doctor who has given me the ailment."

` Uthman: ؓ اَلاَ آمُرُ لَکَ بِعَطَاءِ ؟ "May I send you an allowance from the public treasury?"

Ibn Masud ؓ " ! لا حَاجَۃَ لِی فِیہ "I have no need for it."

` Uthman ؓ یَکُونُ لِبَنَاتِکَ مِن بَعدِک "Accept it, [ please ]. You are leaving daughters behind you. It will help them."

Ibn Masud ؓ أتَخشیٰ عَلٰی بَنَاتِی الفَقرَ إنِّی اَمَرتُ بَنَاتِی یَقرَأنَ کُلَّ لَیلَۃِ سُورَۃَ الوَاقِعَۃ۔ اِنِّی سَمِعتُ رَسُول اللہِ ﷺ یَقُولُ : مَن قَرأ سُورَۃَ الوَاقِعَۃ کُلَّ لَم تُصِبہُ فَاقَۃً اَبَداً ۔ (ابن کثیر 4:2 ۔ 3) "You are worried about my daughters that they must not suffer from poverty. I have no such worry, because I have instructed them to recite Surah Al-Waqi` ah every night. I have heard the Messenger of Allah ﷺ say, مَن قَرأ سُورَۃَ الوَاقِعَۃ کُلَّ لَم تُصِبہُ فَاقَۃً اَبَداً 'Whoever recites Surah Al-Waqi` ah every night will never suffer from poverty'."

Ibn Kathir, after citing this story from Ibn ` Asakir, has supported it with other chains of transmitters and other sources.

Horrors of the Day of Resurrection

إِذَا وَقَعَتِ الْوَاقِعَةُ (When the Imminent Event (of Doom) will occur...56:1). Ibn Kathir says Al-waqi` ah is one of the names of the Day of Resurrection, because there is no room for doubt in its occurrence. It is real and will surely come to pass.