Or do they have a god other than Allah? Glorified is Allah far above what they associate ˹with Him˺!
If they were to see a ˹deadly˺ piece of the sky fall down ˹upon them˺, still they would say, “˹This is just˺ a pile of clouds.”
So leave them until they face their Day in which they will be struck dead—
the Day their scheming will be of no benefit to them whatsoever, nor will they be helped.
Also, the wrongdoers will certainly have another torment before that ˹Day˺, but most of them do not know.1
So be patient with your Lord’s decree, for you are truly under Our ˹watchful˺ Eyes. And glorify the praises of your Lord when you rise.
And glorify Him during part of the night and at the fading of the stars.

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