Do they not then reflect on the Quran? Or are there locks upon their hearts?
Indeed, those who relapse ˹into disbelief˺ after ˹true˺ guidance has become clear to them, ˹it is˺ Satan ˹that˺ has tempted them, luring them with false hopes.
That is because they said ˹privately˺ to those who ˹also˺ detest what Allah has revealed, “We will obey you in some matters.”1 But Allah ˹fully˺ knows what they are hiding.
Then how ˹horrible˺ will it be when the angels take their souls, beating their faces and backs!
This is because they follow whatever displeases Allah and hate whatever pleases Him, so He has rendered their deeds void.
Or do those with sickness in their hearts think that Allah will not ˹be able to˺ expose their malice?
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