Surely Allah will admit those who believe and do good into Gardens under which rivers flow. As for the disbelievers, they enjoy themselves and feed like cattle.1 But the Fire will be their home.
˹Imagine, O  Prophet,˺ how many societies We destroyed that were far superior in might than your society—which drove you out—and there was none to help them!
Can those ˹believers˺ who stand on clear proof from their Lord be like those whose evil deeds are made appealing to them and ˹only˺ follow their desires?
The description of the Paradise promised to the righteous is that in it are rivers of fresh water, rivers of milk that never changes in taste, rivers of wine delicious to drink, and rivers of pure honey. There they will ˹also˺ have all kinds of fruit, and forgiveness from their Lord. ˹Can they be˺ like those who will stay in the Fire forever, left to drink boiling water that will tear apart their insides?
There are some of them who listen to you ˹O Prophet˺, but when they depart from you, they say ˹mockingly˺ to those ˹believers˺ gifted with knowledge, “What did he just say?” These are the ones whose hearts Allah has sealed and who ˹only˺ follow their desires.
As for those who are ˹rightly˺ guided, He increases them in guidance and blesses them with righteousness.
Are they only waiting for the Hour to take them by surprise? Yet ˹some of˺ its signs have already come.1 Once it actually befalls them, will it not be too late to be mindful?
So, know ˹well, O  Prophet,˺ that there is no god ˹worthy of worship˺ except Allah. And seek forgiveness for your shortcomings1 and for ˹the sins of˺ the believing men and women. For Allah ˹fully˺ knows your movements and places of rest ˹O people˺.

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