You are reading a tafsir for the group of verses 46:17 to 46:19

وَالَّذِي قَالَ لِوَالِدَيْهِ أُفٍّ لَّكُمَا (And, [ contrary to this is the case on the one who said to his parents, 'Fie upon you both!' - 46:17). The previous verse has laid down the order to serve and obey the parents; this verse announces punishment for one who maltreats his parents and is impertinent to them, especially when they are calling him towards Islam and virtuous deeds, because rejecting their call is a double sin. Ibn Kathir has said that the verse is general and applies to anyone who maltreats his parents.

Marwan's saying, in one of his addresses, that this verse holds true for ` Abdur Rahman Ibn Abi Bakr ؓ has been contradicted by Sayyidah ` A'ishah ؓ ، as narrated in Sahih of Bukhari. The fact of the matter is that the verse is general in sense, and there is no correct narration which states this verse to hold true for a particular person.