˹O Prophet!˺ Tell the believers to forgive those who do not fear Allah’s days ˹of torment˺, so that He will reward each group for what they used to commit.
Whoever does good, it is to their own benefit. And whoever does evil, it is to their own loss. Then to your Lord you will ˹all˺ be returned.
Indeed, We gave the Children of Israel the Scripture, wisdom, and prophethood; granted them good, lawful provisions; and favoured them above the others.1
We ˹also˺ gave them clear commandments regarding ˹their˺ faith. But it was not until knowledge came to them that they differed out of mutual envy.1 Surely your Lord will judge between them on the Day of Judgment regarding their differences.
Now We have set you ˹O Prophet˺ on the ˹clear˺ Way of faith. So follow it, and do not follow the desires of those who do not know ˹the truth˺.
They certainly can be of no benefit to you against Allah whatsoever. Surely the wrongdoers are patrons of each other, whereas Allah is the Patron of the righteous.
This ˹Quran˺ is an insight for humanity—a guide and mercy for people of sure faith.
Or do those who commit evil deeds ˹simply˺ think that We will make them equal—in their life and after their death—to those who believe and do good? How wrong is their judgment!
For Allah created the heavens and the earth for a purpose, so that every soul may be paid back for what it has committed. And none will be wronged.

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