Whatever ˹pleasure˺ you have been given is ˹no more than a fleeting˺ enjoyment of this worldly life. But what is with Allah is far better and more lasting for those who believe and put their trust in their Lord;
who avoid major sins and shameful deeds, and forgive when angered;
who respond to their Lord, establish prayer, conduct their affairs by mutual consultation, and donate from what We have provided for them;
and who enforce justice when wronged.
The reward of an evil deed is its equivalent. But whoever pardons and seeks reconciliation, then their reward is with Allah. He certainly does not like the wrongdoers.
There is no blame on those who enforce justice after being wronged.
Blame is only on those who wrong people and transgress in the land unjustly. It is they who will suffer a painful punishment.
And whoever endures patiently and forgives—surely this is a resolve to aspire to.
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