You did not ˹bother to˺ hide yourselves from your ears, eyes, and skin to prevent them from testifying against you. Rather, you assumed that Allah did not know much of what you used to do.
It was that ˹false˺ assumption you entertained about your Lord that has brought about your doom, so you have become losers.”
Even if they endure patiently, the Fire will ˹always˺ be their home. And if they ˹beg to˺ appease ˹their Lord˺, they will never be allowed to.
We placed at their disposal ˹evil˺ associates who made their past and future ˹misdeeds˺ appealing to them.1 ˹So˺ the fate of earlier communities of jinn and humans has been justified against them ˹as well˺, ˹for˺ they were truly losers.
The disbelievers advised ˹one another˺, “Do not listen to this Quran but drown it out so that you may prevail.”
So We will certainly make the disbelievers taste a severe punishment, and We will surely repay them according to the worst of their deeds.
That is the reward of Allah’s enemies: the Fire, which will be their eternal home—a ˹fitting˺ reward for their denial of Our revelations.
The disbelievers will ˹then˺ cry, “Our Lord! Show us those jinn and humans who led us astray: we will put them under our feet so that they will be among the lowest ˹in Hell˺.”

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