those who dispute Allah’s signs with no proof given to them. How despicable is that for Allah and the believers! This is how Allah seals the heart of every arrogant tyrant.”
Pharaoh ordered, “O Hamân! Build me a high tower so I may reach the pathways
leading up to the heavens and look for the God of Moses, although I am sure he is a liar.”1 And so Pharaoh’s evil deeds were made so appealing to him that he was hindered from the ˹Right˺ Way. But the plotting of Pharaoh was only in vain.
And the man who believed urged, “O my people! Follow me, ˹and˺ I will lead you to the Way of Guidance.
O  my people! This worldly life is only ˹a fleeting˺ enjoyment, whereas the Hereafter is truly the home of settlement.
Whoever does an evil deed will only be paid back with its equivalent. And whoever does good, whether male or female, and is a believer, they will enter Paradise, where they will be provided for without limit.

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