There is no good in most of their secret talks—except those encouraging charity, kindness, or reconciliation between people. And whoever does this seeking Allah’s pleasure, We will grant them a great reward.
And whoever defies the Messenger after guidance has become clear to them and follows a path other than that of the believers, We will let them pursue what they have chosen, then burn them in Hell—what an evil end!
Surely Allah does not forgive associating ˹others˺ with Him ˹in worship˺,1 but forgives anything else of whoever He wills. Indeed, whoever associates ˹others˺ with Allah has clearly gone far astray.
Instead of Allah, they only invoke female gods1 and they ˹actually˺ invoke none but a rebellious Satan—
cursed by Allah—who said, “I will surely take hold of a certain number of Your servants.
I will certainly mislead them and delude them with empty hopes. Also, I will order them and they will slit the ears of cattle1 and alter Allah’s creation.” And whoever takes Satan as a guardian instead of Allah has certainly suffered a tremendous loss.
Satan only makes them ˹false˺ promises and deludes them with ˹empty˺ hopes. Truly Satan promises them nothing but delusion.
It is they who will have Hell as their home, and they will find no escape from it!
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