They try to hide ˹their deception˺ from people, but they can never hide it from Allah—in Whose presence they plot by night what is displeasing to Him. And Allah is Fully Aware of what they do.
Here you are! You ˹believers˺ are advocating for them in this life, but who will ˹dare to˺ advocate for them before Allah on the Day of Judgment? Or who will come to their defence?
Whoever commits evil or wrongs themselves then seeks Allah’s forgiveness will certainly find Allah All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
And whoever commits a sin—it is only to their own loss. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.
And whoever commits an evil or sinful deed then blames it on an innocent person, they will definitely bear the guilt of slander and blatant sin.
Had it not been for Allah’s grace and mercy, a group of them would have sought to deceive you ˹O Prophet˺. Yet they would deceive none but themselves, nor can they harm you in the least. Allah has revealed to you the Book and wisdom and taught you what you never knew. Great ˹indeed˺ is Allah’s favour upon you!

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