And they will say, “Praise be to Allah, Who has kept away from us all ˹causes of˺ sorrow. Our Lord is indeed All-Forgiving, Most Appreciative.
˹He is the One˺ Who—out of His grace—has settled us in the Home of Everlasting Stay, where we will be touched by neither fatigue nor weariness.”
As for the disbelievers, they will have the Fire of Hell, where they will not be ˹allowed to be˺ finished by death, nor will its torment be lightened for them. This is how We reward every ˹stubborn˺ disbeliever.
There they will be ˹fervently˺ screaming, “Our Lord! Take us out ˹and send us back˺. We will do good, unlike what we used to do.” ˹They will be told,˺ “Did We not give you lives long enough so that whoever wanted to be mindful could have done so? And the warner came to you. So taste ˹the punishment˺, for the wrongdoers have no helper.”
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