Their fate will be like that of the people of Pharaoh and those before them—they all rejected Our signs, so Allah seized them for their sins. And Allah is severe in punishment.
˹O Prophet!˺ Tell the disbelievers, “Soon you will be overpowered and driven to Hell—what an evil place to rest!”
Indeed, there was a sign for you in the two armies that met in battle—one fighting for the cause of Allah and the other in denial. The believers saw their enemy twice their number.1 But Allah supports with His victory whoever He wills. Surely in this is a lesson for people of insight.
The enjoyment of ˹worldly˺ desires—women, children,1 treasures of gold and silver, fine horses, cattle, and fertile land—has been made appealing to people. These are the pleasures of this worldly life, but with Allah is the finest destination.
Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “Shall I inform you of what is better than ˹all of˺ this? Those mindful ˹of Allah˺ will have Gardens with their Lord under which rivers flow, to stay there forever, and pure spouses,1 along with Allah’s pleasure.” And Allah is All-Seeing of ˹His˺ servants,
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