It will be said ˹to the disbelievers˺, “Call upon your associate-gods ˹for help˺.” So they will call them, but will receive no response. And they will face the punishment, wishing they had been ˹rightly˺ guided!
And ˹watch for˺ the Day He will call to them, asking, “What response did you give to the messengers?”
They will be too dumbstruck on that Day to ask one another ˹for answers˺.
As for those who repent, believe, and do good ˹in this world˺, it is right to hope that they will be among the successful.
Your Lord creates and chooses whatever He wills—the choice is not theirs. Glorified and Exalted is Allah above what they associate ˹with Him˺!
And your Lord knows what their hearts conceal and what they reveal.
He is Allah. There is no god ˹worthy of worship˺ except Him. All praise belongs to Him in this life and the next. All authority is His. And to Him you will ˹all˺ be returned.

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