So put your trust in Allah, for you are surely upon the ˹Path of˺ clear truth.
You certainly cannot make the dead hear ˹the truth˺. Nor can you make the deaf hear the call when they turn their backs and walk away.
Nor can you lead the blind out of their misguidance. You can make none hear ˹the truth˺ except those who believe in Our revelations, ˹fully˺ submitting ˹to Allah˺.
And when the decree ˹of the Hour˺ comes to pass against them, We will bring forth for them a beast from the earth,1 telling them that the people had no sure faith in Our revelations.
˹Watch for˺ the Day We will gather from every faith-community a group of those who denied Our revelations, and they will be driven in ranks.
When they ˹finally˺ come before their Lord, He will ask ˹them˺, “Did you deny My revelations without ˹even˺ comprehending them? Or what ˹exactly˺ did you do?”
And the decree ˹of torment˺ will be justified against them for their wrongdoing, leaving them speechless.
Do they not see that We made the night for them to rest in and the day bright?1 Surely in this are signs for those who believe.
And ˹beware of˺ the Day the Trumpet will be blown, and all those in the heavens and all those on the earth will be horrified ˹to the point of death˺,1 except those Allah wills ˹to spare˺. And all will come before Him, fully humbled.
Now you see the mountains, thinking they are firmly fixed, but they are travelling ˹just˺ like clouds. ˹That is˺ the design of Allah, Who has perfected everything. Surely He is All-Aware of what you do.
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