When the disbelievers see you ˹O Prophet˺, they only make fun of you, ˹saying,˺ “Is this the one who speaks ˹ill˺ of your gods?” while they disbelieve at the mention of the Most Compassionate.
Humankind is made of haste. I will soon show you My signs, so do not ask Me to hasten them.
They ask ˹the believers˺, “When will this threat come to pass if what you say is true?”
If only the disbelievers knew that a time will come when they will not be able to keep the Fire off their faces or backs, nor will they be helped.
In fact, the Hour will take them by surprise, leaving them stunned. So they will not be able to avert it, nor will it be delayed from them.
˹Other˺ messengers had already been ridiculed before you ˹O Prophet˺, but those who mocked them were overtaken by what they used to ridicule.
Ask ˹them, O  Prophet,˺ “Who can defend you by day or by night against the Most Compassionate?” Still they turn away from the remembrance of their Lord.
Or do they have gods—other than Us—that can protect them? They cannot ˹even˺ protect themselves, nor will they be aided against Us.
In fact, We have allowed enjoyment for these ˹Meccans˺ and their forefathers for such a long time ˹that they took it for granted˺. Do they not see that We gradually reduce ˹their˺ land from its borders? Is it they who will then prevail?
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