We never sent a messenger before you ˹O Prophet˺ without revealing to him: “There is no god ˹worthy of worship˺ except Me, so worship Me ˹alone˺.”
And they say, “The Most Compassionate has offspring!”1 Glory be to Him! In fact, those ˹angels˺ are only ˹His˺ honoured servants,
who do not speak until He has spoken, ˹only˺ acting at His command.
He ˹fully˺ knows what is ahead of them and what is behind them. They do not intercede except for whom He approves, and they tremble in awe of Him.
Whoever of them were to say, “I am a god besides Him,” they would be rewarded with Hell by Us. This is how We reward the wrongdoers.
Do the disbelievers not realize that the heavens and earth were ˹once˺ one mass then We split them apart?1 And We created from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?
And We have placed firm mountains upon the earth so it does not shake with them, and made in it broad pathways so they may find their way.
And We have made the sky a well-protected canopy, still they turn away from its signs.1
And He is the One Who created the day and the night, the sun and the moon—each travelling in an orbit.
We have not granted immortality to any human before you ˹O Prophet˺: so if you die, will they live forever?
Every soul will taste death. And We test you ˹O humanity˺ with good and evil as a trial, then to Us you will ˹all˺ be returned.
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