O children of Israel!1 Remember My favours upon you. Fulfil your covenant and I will fulfil Mine, and stand in awe of Me ˹alone˺.
Believe in My revelations which confirm your Scriptures.1 Do not be the first to deny them or trade them for a fleeting gain.2 And be mindful of Me.
Do not mix truth with falsehood or hide the truth knowingly.
Establish prayer, pay alms-tax,1 and bow down with those who bow down.
Do you preach righteousness and fail to practice it yourselves, although you read the Scripture? Do you not understand?
And seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, it is a burden except for the humble—
those who are certain that they will meet their Lord and to Him they will return.
O Children of Israel! Remember ˹all˺ the favours I granted you and how I honoured you above the others.1
Guard yourselves against the Day on which no soul will be of help to another. No intercession1 will be accepted, no ransom taken, and no help will be given.

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