O believers! ˹The law of˺ retaliation is set for you in cases of murder—a free man for a free man, a slave for a slave, and a female for a female.1 But if the offender is pardoned by the victim’s guardian,2 then blood-money should be decided fairly3 and payment should be made courteously. This is a concession and a mercy from your Lord. But whoever transgresses after that will suffer a painful punishment.
There is ˹security of˺ life for you in ˹the law of˺ retaliation, O  people of reason, so that you may become mindful ˹of Allah˺.
It is prescribed that when death approaches any of you—if they leave something of value—a will should be made in favour of parents and immediate family with fairness.1 ˹This is˺ an obligation on those who are mindful ˹of Allah˺.
But whoever changes the will after hearing it,1 the blame will only be on those who made the change. Indeed, Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.
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