There they found a servant of Ours, to whom We had granted mercy from Us and enlightened with knowledge of Our Own.
Moses said to him, “May I follow you, provided that you teach me some of the right guidance you have been taught?”1
He said, “You certainly cannot be patient ˹enough˺ with me.
And how can you be patient with what is beyond your ˹realm of˺ knowledge?”
Moses assured ˹him˺, “You will find me patient, Allah willing, and I will not disobey any of your orders.”
He responded, “Then if you follow me, do not question me about anything until I ˹myself˺ clarify it for you.”
So they set out, but after they had boarded a ship, the man made a hole in it. Moses protested, “Have you done this to drown its people? You have certainly done a terrible thing!”
He replied, “Did I not say that you cannot have patience with me?”
Moses pleaded, “Excuse me for forgetting, and do not be hard on me.”
So they proceeded until they came across a boy, and the man killed him. Moses protested, “Have you killed an innocent soul, who killed no one? You have certainly done a horrible thing.”
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