nor do I think the Hour will ˹ever˺ come. And if in fact I am returned to my Lord, I will definitely get a far better outcome than ˹all˺ this.”
His ˹believing˺ companion replied, while conversing with him, “Do you disbelieve in the One Who created you from dust,1 then ˹developed you˺ from a sperm-drop, then formed you into a man?
But as for me: He is Allah, my Lord, and I will never associate anyone with my Lord ˹in worship˺.
If only you had said, upon entering your property, ‘This is what Allah has willed! There is no power except with Allah!’ Even though you see me inferior to you in wealth and offspring,
perhaps my Lord will grant me ˹something˺ better than your garden, and send down upon your garden a thunderbolt from the sky, turning it into a barren waste.
Or its water may sink ˹into the earth˺, and then you will never be able to seek it out.”
And so all his produce was ˹totally˺ ruined, so he started to wring his hands for all he had spent on it, while it had collapsed on its trellises. He cried, “Alas! I wish I had never associated anyone with my Lord ˹in worship˺!”
And he had no manpower to help him against Allah, nor could he ˹even˺ help himself.
At this time, support comes ˹only˺ from Allah—the True ˹Lord˺. He is best in reward and best in outcome.
And give them a parable of this worldly life. ˹It is˺ like the plants of the earth, thriving when sustained by the rain We send down from the sky. Then they ˹soon˺ turn into chaff scattered by the wind. And Allah is fully capable of ˹doing˺ all things.
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