You are reading a tafsir for the group of verses 12:77 to 12:79

According to commentators of the Quran, in his childhood Joseph quietly removed an idol from his grandmother’s house and broke it. This showed his antipathy for polytheism. But because it was a parallel to Benjamin’s act, his brothers gave it the colour of theft, and making this an excuse to blacken Benjamin’s name, they said, ‘A brother of his had [also] committed theft before him.’ Joseph’s brothers showed great humility to Joseph, who occupied a very high position in Egypt, addressing him as ‘O exalted one’, etc. But the Joseph of Canaan, who was in their eyes only a village boy, was being wrongly alleged to be a thief. Joseph knew very well that due to the drinking cup placed by him in Benjamin’s pack, his brother was unnecessarily being accused of being a thief. But for timely reasons, he kept quiet and allowed matters (i.e. what was going on between his brothers and the royal officers) to take their own course. When he was obliged to say something, he did not refer to Benjamin as ‘one who has stolen something belonging to us,’ but ‘the person on whom we found our property.’

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