O  my sons! Go and search ˹diligently˺ for Joseph and his brother. And do not lose hope in the mercy of Allah, for no one loses hope in Allah’s mercy except those with no faith.”
When they entered Joseph’s presence, they pleaded, “O Chief Minister! We and our family have been touched with hardship, and we have brought only a few worthless coins, but ˹please˺ give us our supplies in full and be charitable to us. Indeed, Allah rewards the charitable.”
He asked, “Do you remember what you did to Joseph and his brother in your ignorance?”
They replied ˹in shock˺, “Are you really Joseph?” He said, “I am Joseph, and here is my brother ˹Benjamin˺! Allah has truly been gracious to us. Surely whoever is mindful ˹of Allah˺ and patient, then certainly Allah never discounts the reward of the good-doers.”
They admitted, “By Allah! Allah has truly preferred you over us, and we have surely been sinful.”
Joseph said, “There is no blame on you today. May Allah forgive you! He is the Most Merciful of the merciful!
Go with this shirt of mine and cast it over my father’s face, and he will regain his sight. Then come back to me with your whole family.”
When the caravan departed ˹from Egypt˺, their father said ˹to those around him˺, “You may think I am senile, but I certainly sense the smell of Joseph.”
They replied, “By Allah! You are definitely still in your old delusion.”
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