And to the people of Midian We sent their brother Shu’aib. He said, “O my people! Worship Allah. You have no god other than Him. And do not give short measure and weight. I do see you in prosperity now, but I truly fear for you the torment of an overwhelming Day.
O  my people! Give full measure and weigh with justice. Do not defraud people of their property, nor go about spreading corruption in the land.
What is left ˹as a lawful gain˺ by Allah is far better for you if you are ˹truly˺ believers. And I am not a keeper over you.”
They asked ˹sarcastically˺, “O Shu’aib! Does your prayer command you that we should abandon what our forefathers worshipped or give up managing our wealth as we please? Indeed, you are such a tolerant, sensible man!”
He said, “O my people! Consider if I stand on a clear proof from my Lord and He has blessed me with a good provision from Him. I do not want to do what I am forbidding you from. I only intend reform to the best of my ability. My success comes only through Allah. In Him I trust and to Him I turn.
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