Who we are.

Since 2008, Alhamdulilah now serves over 3.1 million visits from all corners of the world - and we continue to grow everyday.

This, with the blessing of Allah, is powered by merely 5 volunteers who are working hard on their spare time to keep this project as beneficial and useful to people all around the world.

How you can help. has an incredible amount of potential from a product standpoint and a team standpoint. We need to continue innovating the product and the experience to serve you better. To do so we have overhead costs which include:

  • Server costs
  • Data analytics and metrics tools to best learn about your needs (Optimizely, Heap, Keen, etc.)
  • Design help (we are striving to follow our beautiful religion by making beautiful products)

Make a difference.

Making a difference for is as simple as a Tweet, Facebook share or email us feedback. For those looking to make a stronger impact, support us by contributing any monetary amount.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at